Fever, a Stranger, and Australian Cattle Dogs

I contracted a fever for two days and then cold-like symptoms for a week or so.  I haven’t had a fever since I don’t know when, thank You, Jesus.

Then our daughter’s friend, who is living with us for a bit, invited a stranded lady to sleep in her car outside of our house. She didn’t think I’d still be awake to ask, and usually I’m not. But, I was; so I woke up my husband. I knew she wouldn’t end up sleeping in the cold Autumn night, in NY State, just outside our door. Besides, she had the  plus of having dogs with her. My husband loves dogs. Now me, I’m not a great dog lover. I’m a dog appreciator if they are well behaved and don’t demand too much attention. These dogs were new to me: Australian Cattle dogs. They were polite and friendly and relaxed. I enjoyed them immensely.

I wrote an article about our experience entitled, “East Meets West,” and I hope to have it published on Associated Content, a Yahoo.com site. I expect to submit it tomorrow and I’ll note it here if they accept it. I signed up to write for them more than a month ago, and every time I tried to send something, I would hit a wrong button on my computer and lose the manuscript. So I decided to blog here instead, which I’ve enjoyed. Hopefully, I won’t glitch it tomorrow. LOL

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