New York State is a beautiful state and I like living here most of the time. Disclaimer: Here comes a complaint. It is extremely hot this week, Hotter than some cities in Tennessee. I am looking forward to a cooler day forecast three days from now, going down to 84 degrees Fahrenheit.So I’ve been watering flowers early in the day and heading back inside before 11 a.m., like I used to do when I lived in TX. Our air-conditioner is still in the box down cellar, but I have hope it will make its way up the stairs and into the kitchen window. When and how are a mystery to me, but hope usually prevails, even if it’s later in the summer than I anticipate. 🙂 

HOW FAR TO THE TULIPS? – cycling there from Amsterdam

My grandfather came to America from Holland, so I appreciate your wonderful pictures. Makes me feel like I’ve connected with my ancestors in a vague sort of way. I never met my grandparents, they’d passed on before I was born. From what I understand, the part of Holland they hailed from is now under the great sea.

Richard Tulloch's LIFE ON THE ROAD

The Dutch countryside is nearly all beautiful. The nice thing about cycling out from Amsterdam is that you can ride in any direction with the wind at your back, then take the train back home.

I did just that today. I set out with no plans, and found myself blown inexorably towards the tulip fields.

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