HOW FAR TO THE TULIPS? – cycling there from Amsterdam

My grandfather came to America from Holland, so I appreciate your wonderful pictures. Makes me feel like I’ve connected with my ancestors in a vague sort of way. I never met my grandparents, they’d passed on before I was born. From what I understand, the part of Holland they hailed from is now under the great sea.

Richard Tulloch's LIFE ON THE ROAD

The Dutch countryside is nearly all beautiful. The nice thing about cycling out from Amsterdam is that you can ride in any direction with the wind at your back, then take the train back home.

I did just that today. I set out with no plans, and found myself blown inexorably towards the tulip fields.

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  1. Thanks for the reblog Constance, and very glad your ancestors got out of Holland before their bit it went back under water. Hope you’ll be able to get there some time yourself, if you haven’t already. I’m new(ish) to the country but I love it.

    • Hi! You’re welcome. I hope to travel sometime in the future and even bought my passport over a year ago in faith that the opportunity will present itself. My son went to South Korea many years ago while in the military. My other son went to South Africa on a Christian missions trip. My daughter went to visit a friend in Germany, went on two different missions trips, one to Jamaica and one to the Philippines and Northern Asia. When she went to Jamaica she got to meet some of the local people and just hang around with them. She really enjoyed them and their culture. She gets a phone call from some of the friends she made, on occasion.

      I am a writer too, but alas, not a photographer. So, I really like your pictures. I love seeing the world through your lens. I think we have a beautiful planet, and how cool that you are sharing your piece of the world with so many.

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