Editing Required

I just posted Writing Thoughtfully and started getting ready for bed when I realized I wrote that Marilynne Robinson wrote a book called Gideon when it really is titled Gilead and it won a Pulitzer Prize. I mis-titled it and then gave it a Nobel Prize. So I re-booted my computer, checked the internet for the correct prize name and found it had already been liked by a reader. The change got put through to the blog immediately. I apologize for the error. When I submit articles and books late at night I sometimes leave something out and then have to notify the editor. Bad. Very bad. So I apologize for the error and I need to write myself a huge note saying, “Do not submit anything until it has been allowed to set at least overnight. Re-read it aloud. Check your facts.”

I haven’t blogged in way too long, so I got overly hyped up over the opportunity. My mom used to say, “Haste makes waste.”

What a privilege to blog though. I’m going to ignore my advice tonight and send this out, due to the circumstances. 🙂

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