What’s Happened, America?

I wrote this on Sept. 3, 2015, and then had to go away for a bit. So here it is, after the initial event.

Whatever happened to the land of the free and the brave? What happened to our constitutional rights?

A lady in Kentucky says it’s against her religion to serve marriage licenses to homosexual couples. Does she get the prescribed sentencing, a fine, in our Southern state, in the Bible belt? NO, she gets sent to jail. A lady in jail, not a thief, not an unfortunate victim of being lured into the sex industry, not a murderer. Usually a law-abiding, Jesus praising Southern lady. I hope she’ll be protected. Maybe she should quit her job so she can keep following the law. But placed in jail!

Why is it that homosexual rights are perceived as more valuable than Christian rights? Is it their lobbying? Is it their money? Is it their pressure tactics from the most radical side of the aisle? Are people afraid, complacent, or brainwashed by the media? When I watch television shows with grizzly murders and one character is carrying a Bible, I will tell my husband, “Just wait, the Bible carrier is going to be the heinous killer.”

Yep, so it turns out, time after time.

The Bill of Rights gives Americans freedom of religion, which is why there are all kinds of religions in America other than Jews or Christians. Some intellectuals in college don’t believe that Satan exists. Perhaps their religion of choice is humanism, developing Renaissance characteristics through human effort alone.

My aunt, an elderly college grad and eventual college professor told me once that Satan doesn’t exist. If he doesn’t exist,┬áthen Jesus Christ is a liar. He said that Satan came to kill, steal and destroy, and Jesus came to give life and that abundantly, in John 10:10. Whether you believe in a Christian/Judaeo ethic, where God says homosexuality is an abomination to Him, or not, our freedoms are under fire. What is next? There are groups that want homosexual coupling – an adult with a child – to be allowed, and other perversities permitted. How far down the slippery slope will America slide before coming out of her stupor?

I hope and pray people in KY will cry out against their judge’s ruling. I hope and pray that our senators in Washington, D.C., will legislate against one sex marriage. God sends judgment to countries that flaunt His laws. The Old Testament was given to us as an example to read. Our country has had more hurricanes, mud slides, horrific crimes and other tragedies in recent years than it ever experienced in my growing up years when President John Kennedy was alive. Galatians 6:7 tells us that God will not be mocked, we reap what we sow. He does judge, even though He’s a loving God. He hates sin and its dastardly results. He loves homosexuals and heterosexuals, but He hates sex outside of marriage. The Bible says marriage is between one man and one woman and they are to forsake all others. It gives stability to children and women and men and societies.

I love America but I’m not proud of America. I saw pretty pink lettering on an expensive black truck with black tinted windows this week in a rural city. The first word was a swear word that shocked me and I prayed for salvation for the young man and young woman in the truck. Was she safe, or is she a victim of sex trafficking? God help us, who would have thought America’s morals would decline as rapidly as they have. In my youth, fifty years ago, on a street with one hundred married couples, only two got a divorce in the sixteen years I lived there. God help us.


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