Time is Precious

Wayfair.com’s delightful picture of an antique clock:

Nutcracker Figure Clock

I had a birthday and the older I get, the more interested I am in doing things that have value. I enjoy a game on my cell phone, but sometimes afterwards I feel like I wasted valuable time. I know some folks that are older than I am. They can’t read as well from failing vision, or they can’t type as well from carpal tunnel syndrome. I don’t want to spend valuable time wasting assets that I can’t guarantee will be there tomorrow.

When I was younger, I thought my children would always be nearby. Sometimes I needed a break! Now when they come by, I try to take time to listen and carve out precious minutes to enjoy, even if they think differently than I do or like things that I don’t.

My grandson knows I don’t particularly like all the death symbols that are on Halloween buckets – skull and crossbones. He bought a pair of pajamas with skulls and crossbones to poke fun at my dislike. 🙂

I’d rather he visit and poke fun than stay miles away. I surprised myself by telling him to please bring his latest drawing so I can put it on a gallon jug of water that I needed to add more soap to. I thought I was putting minerals into the distilled water. My mineral bottle was near the concentrated soap bottle and I was distracted. I noticed immediately. So I drew a skull and crossbones on the label, added a touch more concentrate and put it on a cupboard just below the ceiling in the bathroom.

The label is not very clear. He sounded happy to help Grandma out and then I had to tell him I just read a book about pirates and that really made his day.

As a writer, I’m expanding my reading to areas I might ignore. He really liked that. Kids are great!






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