Christmas Preparations

I’ve been trying to write my Christmas letter to include it in Christmas cards for days now. What to say, how to say it? I kept it short, I didn’t point out a fault like I’m about to do here.

Our Thursday night Bible study “Peacemaking: Responding to Conflict Biblically,” by Dr. Jimmy Ray Lee and Brad Rymer is based on the book The Peacemaker written by Ken Sande. Tonight’s lesson talked about not having idols. If we put other things, even ourselves before God, we can go to war at home, at our workplace, at school, as we drive our cars, etc.

Why? Because it’s all about us, all about getting our own way. God help the person or people that get in our way if we need to have that thing that makes us feel shiny inside. Even if that thing is totally unnecessary, possibly addictive and not good for us, even steps on others toes. We need it, we want it, get out of our way!

I was humbled thinking about this concept. Last night I sucked the joy right out of my husband by letting him know that one Christmas gift he gave me didn’t make my heart shine even though his face shone as he gave it to me. I kept it inside all this time and then when I told him, I wished I could be a time changer and just move the hands of the clock back two minutes. I apologized and he seemed okay, but we had a quieter night than usual. Why do we hurt the ones we love? Who cares if a Christmas gift is perfect? Since when do things matter more than people and their intentions?

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I blamed it on Walt Disney today with a group of women. đŸ™‚

He gave us fairy tales and somewhere along the way I decided I needed to be treated like a princess. My husband doesn’t demand to be treated like a prince. Why didn’t he get sucked into the fairy tale world of make believe? I’m glad he doesn’t hold grudges and he accepts apologies. On my way home from tonight’s Bible study I thought of telling him not to get me a Christmas present. I don’t really need one.

Then I thought, No, I don’t want to go that far.

“Help my attitude, Lord I pray.”

Before I blogged this, I told him I was going to blog about our discussion if it was okay with him. He said it was fine with him if it was okay with me. I love my husband. He cares.




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