Don’t Hoard!

A couple of weeks ago during my time in the Word and prayer I felt as if the Lord was speaking in His still small voice to me, “Don’t hoard.”

Since writing was the topic at the moment, I felt sure He meant that I was hoarding my words. I have a file cabinet with a long drawer in it filled with creative writing. A few items have been published by magazines and newspapers and one devotional made it into a compilation book. I also have a portable file holder with more creative writing in it.

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I know God doesn’t want people to hoard stuff, but it never occurred to me He doesn’t want me to hoard words. There are many more secular voices in the world than Christian ones, I think. There are also many writers that write for other religious viewpoints than Christianity.

I happen to believe Christianity is the one true way to heaven because Jesus said so, even though believing in Him did not cause His followers to be labeled as Christians at the time. Jewish people that believed Jesus was the Messiah were called Nazarenes, another sect of the Jewish faith.

So, between the prompting I felt in my spirit and the admonition of writing teachers, I’ve been blogging every day. Although Friday night, my blog didn’t get sent out until 12:07 a.m. so it’ll look like two blogs in one day when this one gets sent out. Oh well. It’s Christmas time and I’m in a card stuffing mode. Company came over and plans shifted some. That’s life and I’m content with it. Most of the time. 🙂

So I finished the cards up the next day, (today) after a few minor frustrations. I thought I deleted my address list. Then when I got instructions, they weren’t complete, so that didn’t work. They’re all ready to go, but now it’s late, so they’ll wait. That too, is life. Things don’t always go the way I think they will. 🙂

My mom used to say, “This too, shall pass,” when she ran into difficulties. She also loved the Serenity Prayer. God bless! Perhaps we’ll converse again on Monday when I expect to be at the keyboard again.


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