God directs Our Path

I went to church the other night to a Bible study that Craig teaches even though I wasn’t feeling 100%. There’s another lady that attends and she’s about our age. I thought she might feel uncomfortable being alone with Craig since the other Bible study on the Holy Spirit was canceled because of Christmas being around the corner.

I thank God that Craig is trustworthy and that our church tries to have more people around so there’s no person alone with another.

After we arrived early, the phone rang and this lady called to let us know her transportation fell through, so she wouldn’t be able to attend class. I thought, Isn’t that just like God? Solomon says in Proverbs 3:6 “In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” 

Image result for steps OR pathways

(photo from chadd.org)

I wish I acknowledged God in all my ways, my life would be different, better than it is now. It’s hard for a human to constantly acknowledge God, especially if they don’t remind themselves. Maybe sticky notes all over the house would help. 🙂 But then, what about rebellion? Would that raise its ugly head? Ah, what a mess rebelling against God’s ways makes.

I’m so grateful that Jesus came to earth from the heavenly realm. He promises so many things in the Bible that I’ve found to be true. Speaking of Him coming to earth: Merry Christmas!

If you find God orchestrating your steps to work things out for your good, there’s another reason to give Him thanks.

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