Healthy Eating

My husband and I started eating according to the Hallelujah Acres diet over five years ago. We felt better, we lost weight easily and our blood work  numbers improved at the doctors’ office.

Now it’s hit or miss for us because it takes lots of time to prepare raw foods and we got tired of it. We eat at potluck dinners and restaurants that don’t serve many raw foods at all.

The book I mentioned yesterday by Dr. Krstevski, GOD’S HEALING SECRETS suggested eating raw food as well, for health benefits.

Hallelujah Acres founder, George Malkmus said that if you can’t eat the healthier way exactly, do your best and exercise is key. So when I started, I decided to adopt 25 per cent of the diet and remain at a 75 per cent level of normal American eating. Now I’m at maybe 50 per cent.

Dr. McDougall has a diet based on plants, but he doesn’t emphasize raw veggies. My husband decided that would work better for him. Cooked foods give some comfort, and that’s why Hallelujah Acres recommends a smaller percentage of the daily intake be cooked.

The problem I’ve noticed is that in the Fall/Winter season when Thanksgiving comes around and then the Christmas season hits, all the rich foods show up as gifts or as meals on the day of the holiday. I’ve been getting sick every year from the influx of foods I don’t normally indulge in. I think once I start eating the sweets, they trigger a “more, more” response.

Too much sugar lowers the immune system and then I get sick. Four years ago, I almost died from getting sick and being given too strong an antibiotic which threw me into C-Diff: too much of an unhealthy intestinal bacteria growing like crazy because the antibiotic killed the good “flora.”

God is good and I dreamt about some evil celluloid creature lacking any color whatsoever and I realized he was trying to kill me. So I spoke a Scripture about evil intentions will ricochet back onto the evil doer and the innocent will be okay. I knew then that I would be healed.

So by then, after an eleven day series of mix-ups with the doctors not returning my calls, etc. I finally got into the doctor’s office and they gave me an antibiotic that counteracted the C-Diff. My husband had to support me to walk into the doctor’s office and I thought, what a difference less than two weeks made in my health. When I first arrived I had a sinus infection and some other minor infection. I walked in with strength and purpose. I even told this new physician’s assistant that I ate pretty healthy, she may need to lessen the dosage. She was trying to do such a good job, I heard her muttering about how many milligrams to give me. I don’t think she heard a word I said.

So, God wasn’t finished with me yet. Now, I take as few medications as possible. I only go to the doctor if God hasn’t answered my prayers for healing. I always ask for wisdom so I don’t wait too long. 🙂

I’m grateful for doctors. A hospital full of doctors and nurses and technicians and sanitary workers helped keep my youngest son alive as a newborn, but my husband and I and many others prayed like never before.

(clipart photo)

The hospital could help sustain his life, but they couldn’t heal him. A virus ate ninety per cent of his liver. God alone is our healer. He allows medications and treatments to work.

One year I had sinus infections from November until February. I was younger then, on a typical American diet of mostly cooked food, meat and dairy. As soon as the antibiotic ended, I was sick again. Finally, in February I cried out to God. He healed me and I didn’t get another sinus infection for many, many months.

I hope these posts are helpful to you.


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