Family and Friends

Hi friends and family and strangers. Have you thought about last year and the coming year? I’m beginning to. My husband and I have been watching some sports movies lately. People pulling deep from within to overcome big obstacles. I wonder if I’ve ever pulled from so far within that I barely had anything left to give.

I remember in high school in girls’ gym class hanging with one other girl from a gymnastics bar. All the other girls had dropped down defeated. I felt like I could hold my body up for hours. After a while I looked around and it was only her and me. The other girls were waiting around. The other girl on the bar looked like she could hang on for days. So I dropped. Do you ever wonder, What if I had tried just a bit harder? What if I held on a bit longer? May this be a memorable year for you!

I hope my computer heals up. We worked on it for hours tonight. Missed my deadline by twenty minutes or so. 🙂

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