To Write or Not to Write

I was tempted not to blog tonight because my computer is still acting up. My son is an IT specialist. He said something is wrong beyond what he can do over the phone.

Last night I blogged on my phone and my Categories were totally wrong. So I’m using the phone again and hoping for the best.

Tomorrow is the first full week of the New Year. I’d like to set up a schedule to start out right. A few weeks ago I talked to my husband about my schedule and he laughed. He said,”What schedule?”

I couldn’t believe it until I considered my previous week. Then I was laughing. I’ll think and then use my planner. I’ll get back to you if I haven’t pitched the phone in the garbage. This phone that I prayed for and received as a gift from my son.

I’d type lol but I’m too grumpy at the moment. 🙂

I hope your technology is working better than ours. We have two techie items malfunctioning right now.

I don’t seem to know how to categorize or tag on the phone. I’m not even considering downloading photos. Lol. Wow! Somehow I stumbled onto categories and tags. Yay!

Take care!

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