Family Matters to God

In the beginning God! According to Genesis one. I love reading Genesis because it talks about God speaking the world into existence. It talks about making mankind in Our image. It talks about God forming man out of the dust of the ground and breathing life into him.

Then after all the animals are made, which inspires me with God’s incredible creativity, Adam tells God there is no one suitable for him out of all the animal world.

So God puts Adam into a deep sleep and takes his rib out. He fashions a woman around the rib.

Adam and Eve are the first recorded couple and when they have children, the first family shows up on planet earth.

Image result for images of families togetherphoto from

I miss my mother. She went to the other side over a decade ago. Occasionally I say to God, “Please say hi to my mother for me.” 🙂

I remember when she was in her seventies she would say she missed her mother. I told her that her mom had been gone for many years at that point, and she looked at me with her big brown eyes and said, “It doesn’t matter how long she’s been gone, I still miss her.”

I’m beginning to understand. What I find myself doing is quoting her. When there’s a disagreement between loved ones, I say, “In ten years how important will this be? Will we even remember this moment?”

Other times she would say, “This, too, shall pass.”

I asked her in her 70’s what words of wisdom she may give me? She thought for a moment, “Be prepared for change. Change comes whether you’re ready for it or not.”

I’ve seen lots of changes over my life time. When I was a little girl living on a city street of a hundred houses, I only knew of three families that experienced divorce. I knew almost everyone on that street. Divorce was totally uncommon.

There was no internet when I was young. People interacted with each other face to face and sometimes on the telephone. My dad would yell at me to get off the phone, especially if it was long distance. The phone company charged for long distance by the minute. We shared our phone line with three other families. It was called a party-line. We could listen in to other people talking, but we respected their privacy.

Some changes are good, some have proven not to be so good. Family was God’s idea. A strong family gives children security. Women, too. I know men get hurt deeply when a woman they married cheats on them, from people I’ve talked to. Family is an integral part of society and when it functions well, society functions well.

Food for thought.

Well, I guess I’ll get going. I’ve got my computer back for a day before I mail it off to another area of my world. Think I’ll do some creative writing. 🙂



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