That’s Gross!

I remember after moving from a city to a suburb meeting a popular girl who recently began attending public school. Since I was newer than her, she befriended me.

We also attended Catholic school from our earliest years until eighth grade. Over the summer after ninth grade we lost touch, but once back in school we ended up in the same home room and got re-acquainted.

She had changed though. She started talking to me about God. She would tell me something every morning and I would answer her and then I’d ponder it during the  day and sometimes in the evening.

One day she told me that she thought I’d really like it if I could pray with my older sister like she did with hers. I told her that my sister and I would never pray together, she didn’t even like me that much.

She assured me it was an awesome thing, so I agreed that it might be. When she told me I was a sinner in need of a savior, I got really mad at her.

Every Catholic knows they are a sinner, we learned about confession as a young child. I thought, Who does she think she is telling me I’m a sinner?

One day she told me I didn’t need to go to the priest to confess my sins, I could talk directly to God. Another time, Jesus had brothers and sisters. Back in the day the Catholic church made it clear that Mary was a perpetual virgin and never had children other than Jesus. The Scriptures tell of Jesus’ mother and siblings waiting to talk to Him in Matthew 12:46. That’s the kind of stuff that rattled me.

Eventually she gave me a tract that showed a picture of a heart with a crown of thorns around it. The tract told about Jesus wanting to be in my heart, to be my Lord and Savior. Something about the tract and all the thinking clicked for me and I accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior that day.

Then she told me to read the Gospel of John. Well, I reasoned, why not start at the beginning. So I ignored her advice and started reading the book of Genesis. All was well and good until Lot left Sodom and Gomorrah with his two daughters, his wife having been turned into a pillar of salt because she disobeyed the command to not turn around and look at the destruction of the two cities.

Image result for "Lot's wife"(photo from


Lot ends up getting drunk and his two daughters take advantage of his drunken state and he’s practically passed out, if I understand it correctly, but his body is functioning well enough to get both of them pregnant. I thought, Gross!

I put the Bible down and the next time I saw her I told her that I wasn’t going to read a disgusting book like that ever again. The girl had persuasive skills. She said, “I told you to start at John. Don’t give up, please! Etc., etc.”

So I acquiesced. I have learned over the years that the Bible tells things as they are. There is another story in there that is my all time hated story, which I won’t go into here. Whenever I choose to read through the Bible from cover to cover, I don’t ignore it, but I read quickly and once again I say Gross!

That’s another reason I believe the Bible is written through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. If men wrote the book, they may not want to make people and God ever look bad or confusing. God is good but He may appear bad to us when He wants people destroyed. I figure He knows way more than I do.

God tells the truth and then says, “Choose this day whom you will serve….” in Joshua 24:15.

Did you ever think about accepting Jesus as your Master, Savior, Lord and King? What did you choose to do?




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