Life and Plans – Hah!

My husband kidded me tonight about my tendency to not pay attention to time. I’m aiming to whittle back on my night owl sleep time a half an hour each day until it reaches a more reasonable hour. Tonight he told me it was eleven o’clock. I asked what time I went to bed last night. You really don’t remember, do you? My logical “day timer” husband laughed.

“You’re picking on me.”

“No, I’m not,” he said.

Grinning. Delighted.

Lol. I’m glad he enjoys me. Every once in a while I tell him I’ll keep him. Some days we’re two peas in a pod, other days he’s a radish and I’m an asparagus.

Thank God for unique people. It makes life interesting. I thank God for, well God. He adds joy to life even when it’s scary in the world.

Who or what are you grateful for?


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