Writing With Inferior Supplies

Hi! I re-discovered an old desk top computer I can use to blog on. What a delight. Room to navigate on WordPress, not too long of a wait for things to show up on the screen. I’m delighted.

I discovered something else – last night. After re-submitting my password multiple times so I could continue blogging, losing the words thought out and typed with meticulous care, over and over again, that I had the where-withal to see a sinking ship and to get off. I think in the writing world they call this last bit of writing a mixed metaphor. Suddenly I’m mentioning ships.

So, late at night, tonight after almost not blogging at all, my husband got tinkering with an abandoned computer about ten years old and pulled up WordPress. “Is this your site? Will you be able to blog on this desk top?”

I guess some good came out of having my computer far away from home. It made me realize older supplies can help and writing does not depend on the latest computers and technology. I still use legal pads and pen for a lot of my creative writing. There’s just something about cursive writing and a pen in hand that helps when I’m trying to compose a devotional, a poem, an ad, a novel, and a magazine article.

I rarely hand-write a blog, I’m not sure why. I feel so much better tonight. No accelerated heart beat, no fighting down angry thoughts, no working to avoid dumb responses like throwing a phone in the garbage. Thank You, Lord.

Hope your writing is going well.


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