Blogging Amidst Pitfalls

Hi! I’m blogging at the local library because yesterday I blogged using a phone and the words were all there when I pressed the button for publish. When I looked later, it was published as a title only. I’d been reading a book by Richard Peck, “A Year Down Yonder.” I really enjoy his stories and his sense of humor. All those words gone. It was late, so I closed up my phone and went to bed. Oh, well.

(photo from

The nearly ten year old computer at home seems to be napping. Maybe it feels it’s done enough over the years. 🙂

My son tells me he’ll get a chance to work on my computer this weekend. Yay!

There are times when I almost want to give up. Then I remember that I gave my word that to the best of my ability I would blog Monday through Saturday.

Everyone that writes is busy, unless they are rich and have servants doing most of everything else for them, so they can write without a care. I not only will blog but I’m going to write some more on my novel. If God is speaking to me in His still small voice, I believe He wants me to continue with that and the book on marriage. I research for a book I want to write for children on finances, but that’s all me. I like having more than one project in the works.

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In the movie, “Chariots of Fire,” the main character, Eric Liddell says that when he runs he feels God’s pleasure. I may not go that far, but when I write it doesn’t feel like work, some of the time. There’s joy and hope.

I hope you are encouraged in your walk with Jesus if you happen to be a believer and a servant of the King. I hope you enjoy the blessings in your life whatever belief system you adhere to.


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