Why Are We Here?

Do you ever wonder why you live where you live? Why you were born to the parents you have or had? Why you shared living space with the brothers and sisters God gave you if you weren’t an only child? If you’re married, why did you choose the spouse you chose, why do you have the particular children you helped birth if you are fortunate enough to be a parent and in my case, a mom? I’ve also wondered why I was blessed to be born in America. Many people are hungry in America, I’ve never been hungry in my life. I’m not rich, but I’m not poor. My husband has always worked hard and if he needed to, he worked at two jobs.

When I read the Word of God, I understand that I was born for God’s good pleasure. That is way over my head. Last night I cried because I’d been trying to do something for God, something that many people seem to do effortlessly, and once again I failed at it. Not completely, but still. So I apologized to Him, once again.

I understand that I’ll never be perfect. When I was in my forties I remember walking to church and lamenting about being so far from perfect and I felt as if God whispered to my spirit, “You’ll never be perfect.”

I let out a huge sigh of relief. Now I am a pastor’s wife. When my husband decided to become a pastor, his best friend said “I think you’ll be okay, but I’m not so sure about Connie.” Gulp.

Then as I prayed over it, a person with a gifting in the prophetic gave me a word that I would be a pastor’s wife, I’m already functioning in that gifting. Another couple, very close to our family gave me a plaque that paraphrased 1 Thessalonians 5: 24 “Faithful is He who calls you, and He also will bring it to pass.”

That was another word from God that allowed me to experience God’s peace that passes all understanding. He has our back, He goes before us it tells us in Psalm 139:5.

(photo from http://brandonacox.com/living/god-is-love-but-am-i/)

The Word of God convicts me of sin so I can repent, encourages me with God’s loving promises, gives me wisdom in handling relationships and in making decisions. I am so glad God’s Holy Spirit wooed me into relationship with God. I don’t know how I would handle all the stresses of life without Him.

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  1. His Word is the essence and complete reason why I live. I think it is for everyone; they just won’t admit or recognize . Those of us that do have much to pray in as a result . Thanks for this wonderful inspiration. Chanel

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