Driving Through the Snow

New York State has had such a mild winter, that as it’s gotten colder it seems harder to take. Being spoiled makes the cold seem cruel. Our “normal” came roaring into place today as my husband and I drove to our destination.

One thing great about being used to driving in snowy conditions: slowing down, and anticipating other drivers mistakes and giving them lots of room comes naturally.

(photo from boston.com)

We packed boots because we heard the snow would be heavier later in the day. I put some food in the car. I’ve been hearing about people being stranded in their cars due to the white stuff overfilling roads. I rarely do that, but I decided it wouldn’t hurt.

Even for such a short trip, I took precautions. Getting more careful as I age, I’ve noticed. 🙂

I’m hoping and many people are praying that my daughter’s winter wedding won’t keep guests away due to the weather. Friends and family keep extending kindnesses to my daughter and her fiance’. I even received a blessing this week. I was asked to provide a large dish of macaroni and cheese for the reception and I began fretting. How will I cook this, where will I store it? I started buying the ingredients a little at a time. Then a lady who used to attend our church offered to cook and store the food because she’s a caregiver for her husband and doesn’t leave the house much.”It’ll give me something to do.”

When my husband told me, I felt tension lift that I didn’t even realize weighed my body and my spirits down. I don’t know if I let out an ecstatic whoop or twirled like a kid, but my husband told people, “You should have seen her face. Happy? Delirious.”

Well, he probably wouldn’t use the word delirious, but that was the intent. And one thing great about living in New York State when the climate is behaving – we can store food outside and it’ll be refrigerated or frozen depending just how cold it gets in the winter. She said if need be, she’ll put it in her back yard under some metal container so the animals don’t get to it, all wrapped up.

God is so good to me at times I could cry. I’ve hit bumps in the road of life, but I’ve had so many answers to prayer, I believe I could write a thick book detailing them.

In the book of James, it says we have not because we ask not or because we ask amiss to spend it on our lusts – so God says, “No,” is what I think it means. I don’t remember praying about the macaroni dish, I think I was too busy wondering how I was going to manage. Sometimes God blesses because He can and He knows what we need; and I am so grateful. How has God met your need? Would you like to brag on Him? 🙂

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