What If?

In Mary Higgins Clark’s book, Kitchen Privileges: A Memoir, she wrote that her Fordham University professor advised her to, “Take a true situation, one that intrigues you, that stays in your mind, ask yourself two questions, ‘Suppose’ and ‘What if,’ and turn them into fiction.”

I wrote that on an eraser board which hangs in my office, so I don’t know what page it’s on. It’s published by Pocket Books, New York, NY, copyrighted in 2002, and I enjoyed her book.

I’ve noticed with all that’s going on with my daughter’s wedding, my mind is not at peak performance. My husband is watching a television show with an actress I’ve liked for years and I cannot remember her name. I’m about to Google it because it’s driving me crazy.

She reminded me of a best friend from my high school days, so it surprises me that I can’t remember her name. Candice Bergen, unbelievable. Oh well, not high on my list of priorities. If you’re a Candice Bergen fan, please don’t take offense. I’ve enjoyed her acting many times over the years.

So, to get back to writing. I’ve been doing some deeper cleaning in preparation for company for the upcoming wedding. I ran across a paper that said, “A word from the Lord” on it, which I perceived to be from God. One of the items was to blog every day. The other was to send out a devotional I wrote months ago.

I realized I started the blogging, but never sent out the devotional because when I checked the guidelines it asked for at least fifty more words. It also asked for a current picture. The picture I have on Gravatar is not representative of my looks right now. I just have casual photos and some days I feel like a hamster on a wheel, so I haven’t asked any good photographers to capture my image. I’ve hired a photographer in the past and that was too long ago to look current.

Time to get past excuses and get on with editing the devotional and taking time earlier in my day to work on the novel. I looked at the file folder I have the latest edition of my novel in and I haven’t written since January 4, 2016 on it. Not cool.

I need to up the stakes on my protagonist, I think I’ve mentioned that before. I got the idea while blogging that I should take Mary Higgins Clark’s professor’s advice and ponder “What if…” and “Suppose this happened?”

I love to write, most of the time. How about you?


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