To Blog or Not to Blog This

Have you ever blogged and became emotional and wrote almost a thousand words and realized you could not send it out without time for it to rest and without a good editing. That was me tonight.

I grew up in a moderate sized city and recalled childhood friendships that died because our city experienced race riots. Its aftermath rippled into the lives of children, too.

We had a multicultural neighborhood and I loved people of diverse backgrounds most of the time. So, it was painful when the city erupted into chaos and looting and possibly violence. Being so young, I’m sure my parents sheltered me from some of it.

I’m glad God made people with a variety of skin tones and kinds of hair and cultural experiences. I’ve felt sad when it got in the way of connecting one with another, years ago.

My sister Mary went to be with Jesus two years ago. She used to attend Monroe Community College in downtown Rochester. She’d often tell me that she wished she was black because the gals would sit at a table and get talking about their boyfriends or some other “girl talk” – and they would laugh and laugh.

There are no divisions in heaven, no crying, no favorites in God’s eyes there and here. I like these emotions I’m feeling now. 🙂


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