Plans Go Wrong

The beauty of being human instead of an animal is that when circumstances change, a human can formulate ideas and fashion tools and be creative.

Yesterday, I wrote a blog on discipline and when I woke up, I determined to clean a room, then do the dishes and go through some papers. After I finished my book, “Presumed Guilty” by James Scott Bell, I pulled on a pair of socks and felt spasms in my back and legs.


So, after I processed it and took ibuprofen and had prayer from my husband, I decided standing is better than sitting, so the dishes are all done. I had another James Scott Bell book to read, “Deceived,” and enjoyed it without guilt, since I wasn’t able to do much of anything else.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings. Whatever happens, I’ll adjust and the people I impact will, too. That’s life, humans adapt and hopefully with loving consideration of others.

One of the disadvantages of reading too much fiction is that there has to be conflict and tension and showing the underside of life and it can be a downer even if it ends with a happy ending.

That’s why I like reading the Word. It feeds my spirit even if it too, shows the underside of life. It gives hope. James Scott Bell included some Scripture in his book that made sense to the plot. 🙂

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