Keeping A Notebook

As a writer I know it’s good to keep a notebook handy for writing ideas. I like blogging and often during the day, maybe while carrying a laundry basket downstairs to wash clothing, an idea for a blog will hit my brain and I’ll think, I’ll jot that down when I get upstairs and then it’s gone by the time I’ve sorted light colors from the dark ones, pre-treated stains, etc.

I carry a small notebook in my purse, so occasionally I capture an idea when I’m out and about. I remember being at a Christmas play a few years ago when a Christmas idea completely different from the play hit me and I wrote and wrote. The author watched me from her spot on the stage and I hoped she knew I was in the midst of transcribing thoughts to words and not copying her creation.

I haven’t submitted anything to a publisher since “War Cry Magazine” rejected an article I wrote on speculation in October. The one editor said three editors make the final decision, and he’d never read my writing before. They asked me to please send it elsewhere when they rejected it. I’m just not sure which market would carry the same kind of article. That was encouraging when they wrote that. They didn’t have to. So, I’m ย praying about it now that I’m thinking about it and I’ll jot a priority in my planner – “look for a suitable market.”

I’ve been noticing that as a writer, I need to be careful to get exercise and pay attention to posture and how I type – ergonomically correct or not. And to eat healthily instead of grabbing whatever and getting back to the world of words.

For the writers out there, do you carry a notebook of sorts with you? Mine is paper with a spiral top to it. Paper or electronic, getting the words down and submitting them is imperative for authors.

Wow, I’ve been listening to Keith Green on YouTube and his song writing ability was amazing. I heard of him way back in the 1980’s and never found him online until now. He was passionate about following Jesus Christ and living the faith instead of just talking about it or writing about it. He only lived until age 28. What incredible songs he sang, a good number of them written from his life experience.

May God be near you today.



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  1. I don’t carry a notebook but my phone is everything. I use the note section and voice recording to capture my thoughts. I have written entire blog articles on my phone. It’s compact but big enough to reference. I would never stay dedicated to carrying a notebook and pen. But I never forget my phone so it’s become my resource for all things writing…๐Ÿ˜€

    • Hi! Thank you so much for recommending me for the versatile blogger award at the end of January. My daughter got married on January 30 and I felt like part of my brain was on overload. God kept covering my inabilities so all went well. I told people I couldn’t wait for the wedding to get over so I could get my brain back! I hope to respond to the award later this week. I’m still playing catch up. ๐Ÿ™‚

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