I went to a Mexican Restaurant to eat alone tonight because Craig was full from a late lunch and he was working.

It ended up being just me and the waitress in the main dining room because it was close to closing time. We got talking about writing because I brought a library book in with me, “Writing For the Soul,” by Jerry Jenkins, copyright 2006, published by Writer’s Digest Books.

She is a graphic artist and I’m a writer and we got talking teenagers, and life, and choices since I mentioned I’m re-writing a novel for teens. We are both moms, although she’s much younger and mine are living on their own. We had a delightful conversation despite speaking of some heartbreaking situations.

I brought up a recent article I wrote on prostitution and sex trafficking that did not lift us up, but it led us to parenting discussions and teenage viewing habits on American television. Our tv shows hit Mexico’s airwaves, too, she mentioned.

She told me she called her niece and spoke to her about what she’s watching and tried to tell her to be careful what her eyes are taking in and what she’s listening to. She cares.

You never know what a day will bring. I finished my meal and headed home and let my husband know I arrived at the house so he could join me. I missed him, but God sets up connections that might only happen when a person is alone.


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