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I love being a mom and a grandmother. My daughter and her new husband joined us for dinner tonight and I cooked a meal I used to cook often over the years. We sat and talked and listened to each other and then they needed to get home to their cat.

I spoke to my youngest son today about a car he’s in the process of buying. He’s waiting on the owner to get her title so they can finish the transaction. As he talked to me, I tried to comprehend something he was trying that’s new for him. I asked a few questions and then I asked him to let me know how it goes for him. I’m trying my hardest to let go of directing my children whom are now adults. They have the skills to navigate life.

My husband learned this years before I did, and once in a while he’d say to me, you don’t need to give them advice. They’re adults

It’s freeing for me and for them. If I give the wrong advice, I then feel guilty, especially if I pushed my thoughts on them and they acquiesced and then had to suffer the consequences.

So, one way I plan to continue to love being a mom and a grandmother is to continue to ask God for wisdom. Then I hope to relax and enjoy the younger ones when they find time to visit. Each one different from the other and valued.



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