Writer’s Block

In July of 2015, I wrote a short piece on writer’s block. I read it out loud to a group of conferees. “I don’t believe in writer’s block,” I proclaimed just before or after another author stood up there and said, “I face writer’s block often…”

Tonight I thought, what am I going to write about? I’ve been reading Jerry Jenkins book, “Writing for the Soul” today, and I intended to write quite a bit on my novel. I wrote a little bit but I needed to think about it more.

I found lots of time to play “Words with Friends,” even though last night I told my husband I’m thinking of quitting that game because my right elbow and wrist were hurting last night as I tried to sleep. I’d rather experience pain from writing, not playing, and preferably not have the strain in my arm at all. 🙂

I find if I think I’m about to experience writer’s block, I just start writing, my brain kicks into writing gear and there is no writer’s block. If I’m having trouble with one project, there’s always something else to work on. Then, I’ll switch back to the other piece that’s giving me trouble and my subconscious has worked it out.

I firmly believe God wants me to write and if He does, then He’ll help me. Writing is not easy, as many authors have mentioned in their books on the craft of writing. I’ve read more than once that the writing can be excruciating, it’s the having written that’s fun.

Snoopy Writing

I have a chart on my wall with seven success habits for writers that I believe is copyrighted. One of them mentions something about a schedule, which I’ve never had and probably never will have. My schedule is constantly interrupted, so that’s my norm. I deal with it. Does that mean my schedule is a non-schedule? An aimed for piece of time. I guess I’m still experimenting after all these years. Now I’m an empty-nester and sometimes my husband fills my hours with obligations, which I agree to. He’s not a control freak.

Two days ago I purposefully put off chores and appointments and wrote early in the day, which is incredible for me, and I really liked it. I think I’ll aim for that on Monday. To God be the glory! He gives me insights into life that grease it along.

My dad was a car mechanic, so that last sentence made perfect sense to me. 🙂

No writer’s block allowed here. 🙂




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