What Will I Write?

I think of things to write for my blog and if I don’t write it down, I forget.

Around my daughter’s wedding, I kept forgetting lots of things. Where is my purse? Where is the letter I want to mail that I just held in my hand nano seconds ago? Where is my cup of tea? I’d like to find it before it gets cold. Then I’d look at a minuscule bookshelf in my office and there it was, perched on the narrow shelf top. If it had been human, it would have been sweating and murmuring: “Don’t let me fall, don’t let me fall.”

My husband and I watch television together some nights and I’ll get emotional over the program when he doesn’t and I’ll tell him I have to quit watching it because I don’t want to use my emotional reserve on something that’s not real. If I don’t do that, when a crisis hits, I’m all played out and I don’t have much to give to real people and real situations.

He told me recently that one of the problems is that if the show ends on a cliffhanger, I’ll start telling him all the possible scenarios that will probably end up happening. “Your mind starts working and you build a mountain out of a molehill. Don’t do that.”

I didn’t say anything, but I didn’t see that as a problem. I’m a writer. That’s what writers do. They take the ordinary and then they spin it. The thing that gets a little tricky as a writer is staying in the now with the friends and family and loved ones that you’re actually with. I read a book that I think was entitled, “Paperback Writer” with a writer slipping in and out of reality and it was disconcerting to me.

I looked on Amazon.com, but I could not find it. The novelist is dead now, but his wife finished his last book since she kept his papers and had in-depth conversations with him about that particular novel. I read the book I mentioned just because it was his and it was about a writer of Western paperback novels. She spoke on an online interview for wordsmiths. If I find the book, I will try and let you know the exact title and all the particulars.

Anyway, I remember going to a Christmas play at a local drama venue and in the midst of the author’s presentation at the intermission, I got such a great idea, I started writing on a notepad like crazy. She looked at me, because of course, I was in one of the closer aisles. I was praying that she’d realize I wasn’t plagiarizing her play or her thoughts. It was a germ of an idea totally different than her presentation. I also hoped she’d recognize me because we were at the same writers’ conference in Buffalo one year, and we had abutting appointments with the same editor.

Well, I’m happy to say that I’m thinking more clearly now that the wedding details have been relegated to the past. Two days ago I found a weekly pay deposit I’d made ten days before the wedding and never posted in our account, never remembered it. I saw a receipt for it that I’ve been seeing every day for a month in my wallet with one other receipt for a small purchase. I studied it and saw it unmarked. I check mark ATM receipts so I’ll know I put it in my checkbook register. No check mark. After going through the register three times and not finding any notation of the deposit, I entered it.

This makes my husband nervous. Not me, because I know my brain was only partially functioning back then. When we got a doctor bill for more than half of the deposit, I was glad to enter that amount in.

Being dehydrated makes a person forgetful. I think I’ll go get a drink of water. 🙂


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