A Little Under the Weather


I felt a little ishy last week, so on Saturday I lost myself in a Victorian murder mystery by Anne Perry. It was the second book with the main character, Mr. William Monk. The first was Face of a Stranger.

I wanted to continue the series so I got online to find what order they were published in so I didn’t have to skip around and then I read Defend and Betray.

She writes a compelling story, and on Sunday I was anxious to finish it, to find the culprit, so to speak. But today in the library I ordered some books from Christian authors. I’m going to take a break from the Perry series and see if I want to go back or not. I do that sometimes and I realized I’d not finished the Heirs of Arcadia series written by Davis Bunn and Janette Oke, so I ordered that and a couple of others. I discovered Lisa Tawn Bergren recently; she authored the other fiction book.

I like Richard Peck’s books for children, he’s so funny. I just realized he writes for adults when I read the fore pages of the book listing his other titles. He’s got a book that I thought might be interesting for writers. I’ll see when I read it. It’s called Past Perfect, Present Tense.

I started reading Divergent tonight because an editor recommended it to me at the Montrose Christian Writers Conference since I thought I might be writing a speculative novel. She thinks it may be more of a realistic story with occult elements included. Nancy Lohr gave me some insights to improve the novel I’ve been working on, like forever!

I read novels with a whole lot more appreciation than I used to before I tried to write one. So many things to consider….

My health is restored. Thank You, Jesus. Just a minor inconvenience. New York weather can be volatile and if my immune system is a little down, I may catch something. This week is heading for the sixties and possibly seventies for a day or two. This morning it was below freezing early on. By noon I was taking a walk and the corner bank had a display of the temperature at an even 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Well, I hope you’re enjoying life and praying over the hard stuff and finding God’s Word for any questions you might have. His wisdom covers relationships, financial decisions, health, etc. You name it, it’s in there. Some of it may be round about, but that is a book I never tire of reading. It’s deep. 🙂



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