Again, before Easter in my New York State vicinity, a religious denomination that sends people out, two at a time, had men in suits approach me with some literature.

I know this group does not believe Jesus is God the Son. I got caught off guard, but I mentioned the Scripture where Jesus said, “Before Abraham was, I am.”

That can be found in John 8:58. After some time of listening and speaking, my husband came out of the house to run an errand and he saw me talking to the two gentlemen. The only Scripture he offered was John 8:58 when I mentioned that the guys said there are no verses where Jesus says He’s God. They think he’s a god. They left and I went inside and prayed. It’s always up to God to draw men unto Himself.

A little later my husband asked me to go to see “Risen” at the movie theater with him and have a bite to eat. He did his work and I did mine and then off we went.

That movie shows the death and resurrection of our Savior from the perspective of a Roman. The Jewish culture under Roman rule as depicted in the movie made it clear why the zealots wanted them out of Jerusalem and the holy land.

I hope you can see it. I saw a thing or two I wondered about, but I don’t hesitate to recommend it.


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