What is Normal?

I am re-writing my novel, and I decided to write the protagonists’ normal lifestyle. Living in a world of movies and videos, I’ve heard the beginning needs to capture the reader as soon as possible.

I want action and suspense, but I don’t want to go overboard. I’ve been visiting family this week, so I didn’t choose to write. I did get to see two high action films and read part of Ivanhoe to my grandson. I finished it quietly because he didn’t seem to notice and I was thinking some of the scenes were a bit much for a seven year old. He assured me they were not. LOL.

We watched the films as the young ones slept. From what I’ve read, violent films and video games produce a cathartic effect for adults, but it increases violent actions in youngsters. Whenever I see a dad with a son about six years old at a super hero show, I want to approach him and tell him the statistics. I don’t. Once, I turned my head away from a particularly gruesome fight scene and there was the little guy, doing the same. Smart kid.

As a mom, if we attended a movie and didn’t realize the violence they were going to show, I told my children not to look. If temptation got the better of them, I wouldn’t hesitate to cover their eyes if they were within reach. Oh, they loved that, especially the boys. What can I say? I cared more about protecting them than making sure that they liked me.

We use “Plugged In” now with Focus on the Family. Back in the day, we had to rely on newspaper movie reviewers or my sister, the movie expert. Last month, I goofed even having read Plugged In. I gave more credence to the number of plugs than the words they used to describe the movie. My husband fell asleep and I suffered through. I’ve read their reviews more times than I can count and this is the first time I was sorry. I should have prayed about it.

The only other film I really resented seeing was “Noah” last year. That was so blasphemous I thought, they really don’t worry about what God thinks at all. What a shame. As loving and kind and merciful as God is, He is still a righteous Judge. I didn’t check Plugged In because a Christian source that I deemed trustworthy recommended it. I won’t listen to that source again.

Well, anyway. I’m glad to be home. I had four messages on the phone that my husband didn’t think warranted immediate action. So, I’ll call a couple of the business people back tomorrow. Life will go on.

I found my glasses last night. On the table, next to my sleeping spot, right where they should have been. Sometimes I just don’t see things. LOL. It was better we stayed put. My grandson woke up with a bad headache. I keep finding over and over again lately that God’s delays work out for my good and the good of others. He really does have my back if I ask Him to, according to many experiences over the years. I hope you are well.



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