Clarification – I Hope

On Saturday afternoon, I wrote an essay for my blog and near the end talked about bathrooms for transgenders. I’ve broached this topic before in more detail. I thought because someone wants to change their gender that doesn’t make them unlovable. God still loves them, their friends and family often still love them. I don’t hold anything against a transgender. Hopefully I’ll still be polite and caring and interested in each individual.

It’s just that I’ve run into people in my lifetime that lied. I can picture molesters and pedophiles coming into women’s restrooms and pretending they’re transgenders so they can attack their prey in a controlled environment.

My mom used to remind me as a young girl that certain behaviors were expected of me because I was growing up to be a lady. A part of being a lady that I cherish is that my husband protects me. In college, a man that hung around college kids approached me to ask for a quarter. We were not on the streets. He might have been a young college student. I looked at him and told him I didn’t have any money. My boyfriend, who is now my husband, told him to leave me alone, I’d already answered him. The guy kept pushing for a quarter and I kept saying I don’t have one. Then my boyfriend walked over to him and quietly, strongly said, “She told you she doesn’t have a quarter, move along.”

He stood toe to toe with the fellow and the man seemed to wake up to the fact that my boyfriend intended to help him move if he chose to continue to harass me. The guy became quite agile in the crowd of students. He disappeared and I don’t remember seeing him again.

The problem with changes made to benefit the few is that the majority of people suffer. Those rights endanger the rights of others. When men and women decide that they are not the sex they were born into, any marriage partner in a heterosexual union gets hurt. It’ll never be the same. Any children involved are thrown into immediate chaos. My husband said, “What are the long term ramifications of these hormonal drugs on each person? I don’t think anyone knows yet.”

So, not only do I think God doesn’t like it when people change their sexual orientation because that insinuates He made a mistake, but He knows consequences. The God of the Bible is all-knowing, all-perfect, good, kind, loving, a just judge and holy. I’ve heard that the book of Isaiah has 66 chapters and there are 66 books in the Bible and the book of Isaiah most closely gives a synopsis of the entire Bible, as well. If you want to know God read the Bible – Jesus is shown in the gospels and in Hebrews particularly well.

I blogged something else earlier and kept it for another time. I wanted to continue talking about the transgender issue tonight and I’m praying for God to confirm the essay I wrote earlier, because I believe God wanted me to give a prophetic word. So I’ve asked Him to confirm it. God is moving; I see it. Be blessed!


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  1. Blessed be the words of a loving and gracious heart, for those that hear are given tender balm to the wounded soul. Thank you for your kind and loving reflections on a real issue in today’s society. Many do not realize the long term affects of their actions. I myself have been raped by males, for the first time starting at age 4. Most times children and teenagers are violated by someone they know. That did not stop me from teaching my boys to be aware as small children and no matter what threats posed on them to tell me always if something should happen. I guarded bathroom doors as they became to old to go into the women’s restrooms with me later on. Most people do not recognize this real and present danger. There are some people that let evil in their lives and are wounded and go on to share that devastation and wounded soul and body with others. They try to regain power through violating others, because they once felt helpless. By the grace of our God Father and Savior, I was able to move through the pain and rage of repeated violation and gain understanding and purpose. We are always to be vigilant with ourselves and the protection of our young ones. Indeed there are many, who have become predators, seeking to use a means to fulfill their evil hearts desire. Those predators will use the change in public restroom facilities to further their need. Family restrooms would be the only way to insure that someone of that caliber isn’t just lying about his or her gender and using a restroom to stalk a possible victim.

    We can be kind and caring and gracious, without being foolish in decisions to accommodate the needs of others. The majority is still supposed to rule but in this day and age there are those in the minority who have actively pushed whatever agenda they desire over the needs and wants of the many. The tool is the war of words and propaganda to overcome the trepidation and common sense of the people through the pressures of politically correct thought and speech. God’s word tells us we are to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. That doesn’t mean we are to be stupid and naive.

    • Thank you for your encouraging words. I’m so glad you are living victoriously. It’s wonderful that you are passing your wisdom on to your children and to others. May God show you more of Himself and I pray Psalm 91 over you and yours. I appreciate you.

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