Friends, Work and Entertainment

A friend and I decided we’ll go see a lady in a nursing home on Thursday. She had a stroke last year. So, my friend is bringing the lady gifts. We just found out it’s the lady’s birthday. How cool is that? We planned to visit and marked our planners weeks ago. Is that not like our God, to direct our paths to her on her special day?

Also, I started reading James Scott Bell’s new novel, Romeo’s Rules tonight after a busy day. I think I discovered his fiction after buying a non-fiction book of his on writing. My first purchase was Plot & Structure: Techniques and exercises for crafting a plot that grips readers from start to finish. It was published by Writer’s Digest Books, Cincinnati, OH, copyrighted in 2004. The second writing book of his I purchased was The Art of War for Writers; fiction writing strategies, tactics and exercises. This title was published by Writer’s Digest Books, Cincinnati, OH and copyrighted in 2009.

I’m going through my second reading of the first book and haven’t finished the second book yet. That one I use at a much slower pace. Digesting as I go, I guess.

As I wrote on my novel today, before dishes and vacuuming, I noted how relaxed and happy I was to be moving along on this new/re-write manuscript. I chose to change direction later in the day, and began Mr. Bell’s novel and got pulled into the story immediately. I couldn’t help thinking how much more I enjoy reading than watching television. Later, when my husband came home, he turned on the television and I got sucked into a show, so I quickly left the room. Later, I chose to join him and immediately got sucked into this other show. We watched a while, and I thought, television may drag me in, but it’s oh, so not satisfying. Two of the shows actually caused tension in me because the families were fighting. They made the dad’s look inept and sometimes mean.

I didn’t see much of those programs, but when he turned to a show we both like because we’re involved in solving the mystery, we watched a second one. I told my husband I didn’t want to let it go. I’m very glad we turned the television off. I wanted to blog and all that sitting hurts the older I get. I was paying bills and recycling paper as I watched tv, but still. Time fritters away.

We’re fixing our church where some flooring felt weak and we’re planning on remodeling upstairs as God provides. I sense such an urgency to get ready. As times continue to worsen, I think many will turn to Christ and we need to be prepared. I keep turning to Daniel in the word at random. I’m going to look for a Bible study on Daniel to do, because there’s lots of prophecy in there about the end times that we are living in now. I love seeking God’s wisdom on life.

Be blessed!

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  1. I am glad you are going with the flow. That’s always what I say to my mate about just relax and flow with God. I’ve been bringing him up to speed on deceptions in our world around us and prophecy and that we are truly in the last days. He was fearful at first and then I told him we were not given a spirit of fear by our Lord. This is a time of awe, wonder, prayer and sorrow mixed with joy. The Lord is calling us out and awakening his people. You are right, we must be ready. Also, it is not by chance that I came across your site. We have much in common. Blessings to you in another great day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and I changed it to …and be glad in Him.

  2. Hi! Here it is, December 23 and I just found this reply when I started reading this blog tonight. Rarely, I go back to see what I wrote about a topic. I told my daughter yesterday that I feel that God is about to do some amazing things and we need to be ready. Thanks for your comment. We do have much in common. I, too got hit by fear at one of your latest blogs I read about, and my husband reminded me that God has it all under control. Thank you for writing and warning us of things that we need to be aware of. And also, for pointing us to Jesus Christ and His love and protection.

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