To Vote or Not to Vote

I know some Americans that don’t vote, have never even registered. That thought is foreign to me. I couldn’t wait to turn eighteen so I could vote. I’ve tried to study the candidates and their positions over the ¬†years.

Tomorrow I will vote in the presidential primary in New York State. We have a closed system. We can only vote if enrolled in the Democrat or Republican party by a specific date ahead of time. We can only vote for the presidential candidate in the party we’ve chosen to enroll in.

To me, a primary vote carries more weight than a general election vote. So I intend to take advantage of my right to vote tomorrow.

Those involved with other parties, plus Democrats and Republicans will vote in November for whatever candidate they want, regardless of their party affiliation. In November they may even write in a candidate of their choice, but not in the Primary.

Tomorrow night we should know whom New York State favors. New York City voters dominate our state due to sheer numbers. I vote how I see fit even when I may be going against the sentiment of big city favorites.

I count it a privilege that soldiers and women suffragettes fought so I can vote.

For those who think their vote doesn’t count, so they don’t vote, fulfill that thought by not voting.

Freedoms around the world are being quenched according to a missionary I listened to from another continent; maybe those who haven’t voted may want to register soon so they can vote in November while they still can.

Only God knows what the future holds. I try not to take things for granted.



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