Once Again

Today is another day of re-directed plans. No Seder. My husband ended up having bronchitis and got on an antibiotic earlier so he can recuperate quickly. Lots of people have been praying for a fast recovery.

I texted our friends and gave our regrets. They are very gracious. I swallowed my disappointment and decided to focus on germ removal and singing songs about God being with us in the storm. It’s raining today on and off, besides.

We decided to stay home so he can rest another full day. He slept a ton yesterday and all last night and today he’s lazing around. That’s not his style.

I’m washing bedding in hot water and serving healthy foods. I went to the store for his medicine so he could get it in him bright and early. My next step is to disinfect the place with cleaners that aren’t harsh on the lungs.

I’d give him echinacea tea, but he hates all tea. lol. Echinacea supports the immune system. Too much white sugar puts the immune system to sleep.

http://www.helpmychronicpain.com/blog/bid/69494/immune-system-support-during-the-school-year offered insight from an article by a “USA Today” correspondent that I couldn’t read because an ad covered it up. The above site quoted the “USA Today” article, which was my intent.

They both speak of “Examiner” author Kate Pfeiffer’s article entitled “Worried about the Swine Flu? Avoid Sugar!”

I couldn’t find the exact amount to avoid. The test that used twenty teaspoons of sugar that is equivalent to what is found in a liter of soda left very few white cells active and available to battle unhealthy bacteria.

Hallelujah Diet recommends raw foods and a vegan lifestyle. Following is a link:

http://www.myhdiet.com/healthnews/health-news/how-sugar-affects-your-immune-system/ says:

Refined Sugar Consumption Causes Physical Problems

“Refined sugar suppresses the immune system, a system God placed in our bodies so that it would resist germs, viruses, and bacteria. A person with a suppressed immune system will have little resistance to colds, the flu, pneumonia, and so much more.”

I don’t want to give up all sugar, but I do try and limit it because after I eat sugar, I tend to be tired unless it’s in a caffeinated drink and then I get hit with fatigue a bit later. So, I try to limit caffeine too, because it’s hard on the body, particularly the heart or circulation system.

Well, I’d best sign off since the post accidentally got published way before I finished researching it. If you saw an interrupted version, I apologize. The publish button was very close to the internet button at the bottom of my page.

When health becomes compromised, it affects our plans and our choices. No Seder today because of my husband’s coughing and the weakness and the need for rest. May you be healthy if what’s ailing you comes under your own control. I wish that for me and for all others. May you be healthy if you inherited a disease.

God bless!





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