Letchworth State Park


Today my husband and I drove a significant number of miles to meet friends at Letchworth Park. We had a great visit and we got to see some magnificent views. I took some snapshots before they arrived.

The spring photos I took today, and after I spoke to my sister, she sent me some from autumn. I’ll show two more of mine and then I’ll include hers.

IMG_1412IMG_1415 (1)

I love New York State parks. I heard on the radio that NYS just purchased more acreage in the Adirondack Mountains for more State Park lands.

Here are pictures of Letchworth State Park in the fall with a different vantage point:


My father-in-law used to call Letchworth the Grand Canyon of the East. He visited the Grand Canyon in Arizona; I’ve never had the privilege.

What a beautiful planet our Lord created! The account of creation can be found in the earliest chapters of the book of Genesis.

Be blessed!



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