What About Marriage?

I listened to Dr. David Jeremiah on Christian radio tonight. He spoke about marriage with the Song of Solomon as his book of reference in the Old Testament. He’s continuing his thoughts tomorrow, he announced.


Dr. Jeremiah mentioned that God often puts opposites together: night owls/early risers, a neat person/slob, spender/saver, etc.


My youngest son took a course on marriage at a Christian college. One book they read asked the question – “What if God designed marriage to help make us holy?”



Sacred Marriage: What If God Designed Marriage to Make Us Holy More Than to Make Us Happy?

by Gary L. Thomas, copyrighted 2000, 2015, published by Zondervan, Grand Rapids, MI.


Dr. Jeremiah went through the reactions of the Shulamite bride and Solomon’s responses. When Solomon knocked on the door of the Shulamite and she sent him away, Dr. Jeremiah said she immediately felt bad about her response and then she went to her friends for their help in locating him. They wanted to know what was so special about him and then she gave them an earful.


When I hear things and read items about marriage, and at weddings, I automatically look at my relationship with my husband. It’s like writing, there’s always room for improvement. In my opinion, it’s always worth working on my marriage, too. I try not to get obnoxious about it and work on my side of things. He’s in charge of his part. I’ve tried to help him along over the years and finally decided that was ridiculous.


Dr. Jeremiah had a lot more to say than I covered here. I hope to tune in again tomorrow night as well.


God bless!

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