Controlling Words


When I spent some quiet time with the Lord today, I thought, what should I read?


The book of James came to mind and for some reason I read it out loud. That made it more immediate. When the part about controlling the tongue came up, and just how difficult it is to do so, I considered that’s not bad advice for being careful about what I write as well. Here’s the verse: Jas 3:8  But the tongue can no man tame; it is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison.


God is the only one that can help me control my tongue when I ask Him to. I try my hardest and when I sense I’m about to fail, I can call out to Him and save myself and others a tremendous amount of hurt.


I remember many years ago, when I took a correspondence writing course on Fiction, my instructor asked me if I wanted to portray my character in a harsh light.


It hadn’t occurred to me that I was doing that. That’s why professional writers usually want an editor to go over their stuff. Even if it hurts sometimes.


I’m spending more time writing lately and catching up on craft books. Today I continued reading and highlighting The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Publishing Magazine Articles by Sheree Bykofsky, Jennifer Basye Sander, and Lynne Rominger, published by alpha books, Indianapolis, IN and copyrighted in 2000.


I’ve owned it for many months. Sometimes I don’t get to the books I own for a while because I get books from the library with a due date to consider.


Anyway, the editors quoted in the book say, “Please familiarize yourself with our magazine before trying to write for us.”


There’s a lot of work to freelance writing beyond learning grammar and point-of-view and other basics. I’ve heard an author who wants to get published needs to spend fifty per cent of the time on writing and fifty per cent of the time on marketing. I’m reading this book on publishing magazine articles because it’s good to be reminded of the necessary steps for a freelancer. Also, some of it is review for me, and some points I’ve never heard of before.


I count on magazines and the internet to keep me current on writing trends, and conferences.


God bless!

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