Read a Book or Watch a Game

To Darkness Fled

I finished reading the second book in The Blood of Kings trilogy by Jill Williamson entitled To Darkness Fled. Enclave Publishing, Phoenix, AZ published it in 2010, and Jill Williamson copyrighted it in 2010.


Our family got together for Memorial Day Weekend, so I really didn’t get started until Monday night.


The twists and turns in that book kept my interest to the very end. Now I’m awaiting Book Three, From Darkness Won.

From Darkness Won

I’ve been doing dishes, getting rid of unimportant papers, doing laundry and making meals.


I’m working on a short story for the fiction writing contest “The Christian Communicator” is providing. The June 15 deadline approaches and two stories missed the mark so far. So I brainstormed as I waited for an appointment this morning.


Kind of hard to do with the television blaring. America was quieter when I was a kid. In my early years, all television shows were black & white. Offices provided magazines and sometimes a Bible, but never a television set.


In eighth grade I went to baseball games with a friend and her family often. Other than the announcer giving facts about the teams and the game, and an occasional organ music song, we sat and listened to the players chatter or a fan may have had the radio tuned to the sports channel and we heard snippets of the same game played out before us.


I got so bored sometimes, waiting for some action. We looked at the scoreboard and bought peanuts from the vendor. Sometimes we climbed high up in the bleachers or went to the concession stands. That was the only place televisions showed the game, away from the actual grassy diamond.


In recent times I attended a ball game. If there stood any chance of a lull in the game, songs blared from the sound system. Advertisements flashed from the huge digital screens.


I don’t remember any stretches of quiet. Not any. It’s almost as if people are afraid to be quiet and to think.


Sitting in the midst of all that stimulation rattled me. Maybe because I wasn’t expecting it or maybe it’s because I’m no longer a teenager.


Anyway, I’d rather read a book than sit in a crowd of people with all my senses on overload, hoping the decibels aren’t ruining my hearing.


Some changes bring joy and convenience. Other changes promise benefits but fail to deliver; it turns into empty noise. I want to be a person that embraces new things and ideas, but discerns the wrong changes for change sake that erodes the quality of life.


God bless.


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