Thoughts on Reading, Relationships and Jesus’ Traits

It’s so easy for me to read a good book. I finished Falconer’s Quest by T. Davis Bunn and his wife, Isabella Bunn. The book is copyrighted in 2007 and published by Bethany House, Minneapolis, MN.

Today I began From Darkness Won by Jill Williamson, the third book in the Blood of Kings series. It’s copyrighted in 2011. Published by Marcher Lord Press, Colorado Springs, CO which is now owned by Enclave Publishing, Phoenix, AZ.

I made myself put it down to eat supper and do dishes and spend some time with my husband. He has a full day tomorrow so we sort of watched a television show we’d both seen before. He with an eye on basketball play-by-play on the internet and me with the book in hand.

I went to a Bible study today and we decided to read the Gospel of John from Chapter one until we ran out of time. We got through three chapters and part of chapter four. It seemed to us that Jesus showed love and compassion for many and yet He spoke clearly and forcefully against religious leaders that should have known better.

My husband has said that movies portray Jesus as a “pretty boy” kind of guy. He believes Jesus was rugged from walking everywhere and He was a carpenter without modern tools – a man’s man. He hung around with strong fishermen and tax collectors, people able to stand up for themselves.

God bless!


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