Is It Easy to Trust?

Is it easier to trust people and God if you had a “Leave It to Beaver” upbringing? “Leave It to Beaver” was a late 1950’s and 1960’s television family sitcom with no dysfunction in the family.


They always worked out problems with calm, rational discussions. Disobedience or other wrong behaviors merited consequences for the boys: grounded to home for two weeks, work to earn money to pay for the neighbor’s broken window, or told to apologize to an offended party and make things right.


The two boys learned to work from their chores around the house. All family members shouldered responsibilities for a well-functioning household. They never seemed to have money problems, which was a little hard to believe. Sometimes they visited Aunt Martha only because of their loyalty to relatives.


Rarely, they mentioned going to church. They treated each other with respect for the most part, within their circle of four people, especially the dad and mom.


Shortly after that time frame, Americans learned to trust in medicine and science and logic. The Theory of Evolution started being taught as fact in the schools and Creationism stopped being taught over the last few decades. According to Answers in Genesis, “Currently, evolutionary naturalism is the most widely taught view of origins in the West, and for the past half-century, evolutionists have strenuously opposed teaching competing theories of origins in public schools.”



Prayer was outlawed in the public schools in the 1960’s. Now, even though there is religious liberty on the law books, there are more and more court battles against religious freedom in America.


When my youngest son went to Africa on a short term missions’ trip a few years ago, he discovered Otto Koning’s “The Pineapple Story.”


We watched it on YouTube. In the years that Otto Koning and his wife worked with tribes in Papau, New Guinea as missionaries, he learned to trust in God’s power because he had to. Some of the natives finally came to Christ after many years because they saw the evil spirits back away from Jesus’ power as Otto Koning learned about spiritual warfare.


That particular teaching occurred under “The Snake Story.”


In Mat 7:7, (CEV), Jesus said, “Ask, and you will receive. Search, and you will find. Knock, and the door will be opened for you.”


When missionaries speak at our church we hear that the reason people in other nations are seeing their loved ones raised from the dead by the power of Jesus’ name and we’re not is because they believe in the supernatural. They’re hungry for God and tired of fear and violence and trying to please their “gods” to no avail.


Christianity is growing rapidly in non-Western countries, despite persecution and death. To God be the glory for the good He does everywhere.




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  1. It’s sad to see how far this once great nation has fallen, but a joy to see God moving through other peoples and nations for his greater purpose and glory. God is alive and well on planet earth. Thank you for the reminder.

    • Hi! You’re welcome. I didn’t blog on the tragedy that happened Sunday night at Orlando, FL, but my heart broke for the families and friends affected. Praying for them and our country. God bless you and your family and your loved ones. Thanks for stopping by.

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