Twice now my husband has shown “The Way of the Master” videos by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron at our church. We get sparked to tell others about the Gospel of Jesus Christ because they show clearly what God’s Word says – there is a heaven and a hell.


What kind of Christian never tells anyone about a heavenly home and never warns against another place? Jesus said hell is a place of torment with people gnashing their teeth for eternity.


That’s why Jesus came to earth and took on all the sins of the world: every unkind word, every murder, every theft, every lie, every sexual sin, every kidnapping, etc. He’s a perfectly sinless man Who took every sin on Himself: God became flesh. Why? So we could get to know Him and decide if we wanted to repent of our sins and become children of God, or if we wanted to continue with our lives as usual and reject God.


When I sin I feel yucky inside and if I ignore my sins and choose not to repent, I get dull to my conscience. Once, I’d turned from Christ for a number of years and when I moved to a neighborhood with a few Christians, I said with disdain, “Oh, no, there’s a Christian.”


Deep inside, I thought, what’s going on with me?


When the young lady in her denim skirt finally met me, she asked if I was a Christian. I said, “Yes, I am.”


Weeks later, as we waited at a neighbor’s home, Jerry Falwell came on the television set. It was at a time when “talking heads” on television reviled him for some of his stances. I didn’t know anything about him, truth be told.


An argument against Jerry Falwell rose up within me. That precious lady blinked. She smiled at me. Gently she said, “I thought you said you are a Christian.”


“I did.”


“Can’t we agree to disagree?”


I backed down. Then they began to befriend me, day after day, sometimes talking about God, sometimes not. My hunger for God returned and I began reading my Bible again. Sweet relief!


We raised our babies together, learned to garden, learned to make soup, learned how to love our husbands despite some other women constantly putting their husband’s down.


God spoke to me to stop the gossip sessions with my unsaved neighbors. “If you think your husband is bad, you should see what my husband does…”


I discovered an amazing thing, my attitude toward my husband improved. In my experience, following God blesses many aspects of life.


I hope this finds you well. God bless.


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