Effective Communication

I ordered a book, The Write Way: A Believer’s Guide to Effective Communication by Hal Donaldson, Ken Horn, Randy Hurst, John W. Kennedy, Kirk Noonan and Scott Harrup, copyrighted in 2003, and published by Gospel Publishing House, Springfield, MO.

The Write Way: Johnnie Barnes

It has ninety-three pages of concise writing advice, at least from the five chapters and introduction I read today. One chapter is entitled, “Writers Are From Mars, Editors Are From Venus,” by Hal Donaldson.

After reading that chapter I could see some things I’ve done right, and a few things I’ve done wrong. I’ve had articles published in a variety of publications and once I followed up to offer another manuscript. I didn’t hear from the editor.

Hal Donaldson suggests forming professional relationships with editors for the benefit of the editor and writer, the magazine owner and the reader. That’s my paraphrase.

It’s presented after tips for excellent writing. I’ve heard that advice before but it was worded in a way that made it feel possible.

I liked being reminded to pray before I write. He had more to say about a relationship with God impacting our writing, but I don’t want to spoil your pleasure if you decide to read the book.

I really appreciate God’s Word. Phil. 4:13, (Webster) says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me.”

Occasionally people encourage me by publishing a poem or article or devotional. I thank God for the lift, because writing doesn’t come easy at times and there is a lot of competition out there.

I believe I’ve been called to write. When I don’t write it’s almost as if I forgot to eat a meal. Something is missing. I try and leave the results to God.

God bless you!

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