Rarely Late, At Last

I tend to write my blog after a full day. Today is no exception. I never intend to write so late, but things need to be done so I get to them first.

This morning before Bible study I got a phone call from one of my sisters. She wanted to tell me some news, so I listened as I got ready.

I’ve had difficulty being on time for most of my life. Sometime over the last couple of years it started to sink in – this has got to change.

It’s embarrassing, it’s rude – or at least inconvenient for others, my husband hates it, it gets adrenaline pumping which isn’t healthy when it’s too often, some doctor’s offices will turn a patient away after fifteen minutes late, airplanes take off without their customer, and it began to occur to me that there must be control issues involved.

Enough of this, I decided. So I snuck my way around this bad habit.

  • I set my timer to leave fifteen minutes earlier than normal.
  • I wrote appointments fifteen minutes earlier in my planner.

That alone gave me a thirty minute cushion. I began thinking about what to wear including accent pieces a day or two ahead of time.

So after talking to my sister today and arriving a few minutes late for Bible study, I felt off kilter, almost as if I was leaning slightly to the left.

We ended a few moments later than usual, which was no big deal and then my next few appointments ran as scheduled.

But I noticed a temptation to dawdle before leaving the house the second time. Uh oh.

I went South to visit my son and his family. His wife and I and two family members needed to leave the house by 3:30, she said. At 3:20 I’m at the stairway waiting, and I could have left at 3:15. At 3:29 no one is ready to go, so I asked her what was going on.

She blushed. “Your son told me to expect you to be a half hour late, so I told you the wrong time.”

I hadn’t seen him for more than a day or two for a year and a half. I said, “Doesn’t he know people change?”

That’s why I love being a Christian. My husband and I will be married 41 years this summer and by the grace of God he’s changed some and I’ve changed some, which makes for more peace. We are not perfect, but we live with hope.

I pray God’s blessings on you.



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