Open to God?

I moved around the house today in my usual way – straightening up the kitchen, putting in a load of laundry, taking down the dry clothes from the drying rack, etc.


Around noon I realized, once again, all the puttering kept me from sitting down with an open Bible and an open heart.


So, even though books and a tablet and a bowl and a cup nestled by the front door reminding me I was on my way to write at the library and buy tea and return a borrowed bowl, I resisted their beckoning.


I sat on a wing chair in the living room and read Matthew, chapters 20-21. I wanted to keep reading! After that I felt as though God whispered, “Feed My sheep.”


I feel as though I hear that periodically, but it’s been a while. I’m trying to finish the library book, One great Way to Write Short Stories: A Step-By-Step Approach by Ben Nyberg, copyrighted in 1988, published by Writers’ Digest Books, Cincinnati, OH.


The author had us think of an incident in our lives we’d like to fictionalize, so I started with that. We’ve continued with more padding, essential padding as if we’re heading for a cold winter and our words are clothing layers. We did this by adding four renditions at this point. I’m getting to the dénouement or wrapping things up at the end of the short story, but there’s more to learn from Mr. Nyberg.


I am being instructed to go back to my piece and look for things written organically, hopefully. If they’re not there, seamless interweaving is the next step.


There’s not a mention of God in my story at this point but there is a moral crisis.


So, I will pray that the readers sense God in their lives as they follow the characters.


I’m anticipating starting a bigger work today. God bless!




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