Willing to Change?

Have you ever tried to make a significant change and think, oh, this isn’t going to be hard? By day two, you find that you’re behind by half the amount expected or even more than half?

When I was young, I found a system to help me clean my house well. It worked and my husband and I liked the results. It’s not that I don’t like cleaning. It’s that I like a lot of things and I think I’ll get back to cleaning the dishes and suddenly I’m washing mirrors thinking I’ll just let the dishes soak a few minutes. Two hours later, the dishes are still soaking, the water is cold and I end up fishing the stopper out of the sink and replenishing the water.

So two days ago I decided to re-set up this system devised by Pam Young and Peggy Jones and I broke the “3 x 5” file box I’ve had for many years now. 

So, I went to about eight different stores trying to find a file box. The stores don’t carry them anymore. Lots of 3” x 5” index cards for sale. It occurred to me, people don’t use paper like they used to.

I decided to get online and order a cleaning product that none of the stores carried either, and found a box online. The problem is, there were so many choices and some were vintage and I’m wondering if I want to spend more and possibly have a collectible I can sell years down the line and I look at the clock and two hours are gone. Arrrgh!

I went with a cheaper variety with free shipping and got back on track with less energy and less enthusiasm. I didn’t even blog last night, or write either. Bummer!

Tonight when I’m done here, I am going to re-organize the cards and take advantage of the skip function for those I didn’t get to, and start fresh in the morning. I recognized that I’ve failed at the follow through on this system in the past. I made up my mind that I’m not going to quit this time. “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me,” Phil. 4:13, (KJV).

Anyhow, my husband has been invited to a men’s retreat with our youngest son for the weekend. The last time they went, I stayed home. This time, I called my daughter. She lives near the drop off point and I asked if she’d like company. She said they’d love to have me over for the weekend.

Sometimes when I overdo things, my productivity goes down. I need a mini vacation. So when I set the cards up for the month, I left those few days blank. I’m looking forward to enjoying family and pitching in around her house and relaxing.

I hope this finds you well! God bless!


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