I’ve been so impressed with the brain and its capabilities to impact its owner.


I come from the perspective that there is a loving God, an incredible Creator. He gave us a brain that supersedes any computer.


“Computers are good at storage and speed, but brains maintain the efficiency lead” is the title of an article by

Mark Fischetti on November 1, 2011, found at www.scientificamerican.com/article/computers-vs-brains/


Our brain can work for us or against us. If we firmly believe we can do something within our range of possibilities, e.g. give up alcohol, eat healthier, put stuff away after each use, stop compulsive behaviors, etc., we are able to do it.


It’s called mindset. If we really want to finish our homework on a timely manner, for instance, we’ll look for resources to help us. If there are constant distractions at home, we’ll go somewhere quiet to study or get up earlier in the day when everyone else is sleeping. If need be, we’ll ask for help from those in the position to help us.


If we’ll take time to think about an outcome we desire, if we’ll consider the steps needed to get there, we can do things we previously thought impossible.


If we immediately decide things will never change, I can’t do this, then the brain will act on those thoughts as well. Proverbs_23:7a says, “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he,” (KJV).


If significant people in your life have spoken negative words over you – “You’re stupid,” or “You’ll never amount to anything,” or “You don’t deserve anything nice,” you can take steps to overcome these lies or any others.


The Tree of Life version of the Bible in Romans 12: 2, 3 says,   “Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may discern what is the will of God—what is good and acceptable and perfect.

For through the grace given me, I say to everyone among you not to think more highly of yourself than you ought to think—but to use sound judgment, as God has assigned to each person a measure of faith.”


We are to renew our mind through reading the Scripture and through prayer and through fellowship with other people. We are not to think too highly of ourselves. Using sound judgment, we will look at ourselves as realistically as we can and thus not put ourselves down and think harsh thoughts about ourselves. Where we fall short, we can pray for forgiveness and for help to make necessary improvements. Where we see abilities we’ve ignored or downplayed we may now offer our services to those without those capabilities.


I ran into a young mom in the local grocery store and she said she hates to cook. She’d rather clean the yuckiest thing in the building than put together a meal.


I thought back to when I was a young mom. I liked trying new recipes and I studied soup making because it was economical and it was a comfort food in my mind.


I pictured an outreach at church with people that love to cook with those who don’t: ladies sharing ideas, and then possibly sharing chores. “I’ll clean your refrigerator if you’ll make a meal for my family.”


Or, ladies exchanging recipes for easy nutritious meals that kids like, possibly cooking them for a taste test and instruction at the same time. Who knows, maybe we’ll actually do that?


Have you been thinking of ways to help others?


May God bless you.




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