Living For Myself 

Yesterday in church, while my husband spoke on the history of the book of Daniel, somewhere a mention of living for God and not for me came to the forefront. I gave it some thought and prayed a bit.

Then tonight as I read parts of an e-book I purchased from Christian Book Distributors entitled, Honor Girl, near the end of Chapter 7 the heroine began to wonder if she should only be concerned with living her own life. The character’s aunt felt she should better herself and leave the care of her family to others.

The Honor Girl - eBook  -     By: Bill Wiese

I like how Grace Livingston Hill from long ago, writes of strong women making a difference in a home and in a community. The only complaint I’ve heard is that her heroines are too perfect.

I’ve observed that female descendants of Africans were given a dialogue that displeased me, but Grace Livingston Hill treated the women and young ladies with respect.

In thinking back to Sunday, the idea that if American Christians lived our lives as Daniel lived his, our country would benefit greatly.

Daniel prayed and obeyed God and lived in a manner that pleased those in authority over him. When King Darius, the Mede got manipulated into setting Daniel up for punishment by jealous nobles in the kingdom, Daniel got thrown into a den of lions. Daniel always took the “high road” and did what pleased God, even when it caused him severe consequences.

He trusted God and God rewarded that trust. He lived a non-selfish life, behaving with risky behavior by honoring the Jewish God in a society of worshipers of many gods – none of them the Israeli’s God.

If every Christian in America humbled themselves, repented of sin, turned from wicked ways and prayed to God, seeking His face, He promises to heal their land, in 2 Chronicles 7:14. A promise made specifically to the Jewish nation makes sense to me that it would apply to Christians as well.

I need God every day of my life, every moment really.

May God bless you!




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