Benefit of Reading


I love reading Christian fiction that reminds readers to pray, read the Bible, and also to wait for His still, small voice. Reading Promises to Keep by T. Davis Bunn, published by Bethany Publishing House, and copyrighted in 1991, it reminded me that I could run myself ragged and be far from following God’s will.Product Details

After reading the Bible today, I spent a little time in prayer. After I had breakfast and did the dishes, I decided to work on the Dragon Speak software program from Nuance, Company. I’m on a learning curve, but it’s getting better. My husband is watching a movie called, The Ghost and Mr. Chicken. I think I’ll join him.

In the Old Testament, it says, “The joy of the Lord is my strength,” in Nehemiah 8:10 in the last part of the verse, (KJV).

Don Knotts always makes me laugh. His movies may have a little bit of worldliness in them. This one had a group of women interested in the occult in it, which I forgot about. So, I laughed at his funny faces and enjoyed his courage in the face of danger. But, I was glad to get back to the blog and search the Scriptures for words of importance. God’s joy fulfills, whereas anytime I found enjoyment in shopping, or eating, or sports, or friends, or accomplishments, etc., the good feelings slipped away. Then, I’d go look for something else to do or someone else to talk to.

I’ve told my kids that only God really satisfies. That’s been true for as long as I’ve had the privilege of following Him.

May God bless you.


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  1. I had so long forgotten about that movie. I always enjoyed Don’s antics in comedy. I am thinking he was in The Apple Dumpling Gang as well. He played the funny guy very well and made me laugh a lot. I wish more movies made us laugh these days. To many are focused on shoving sex, violence and horror down our throats. I usually end up watching documentaries and wild life shows, but then they shove evolution down our throats. Lol…we just can’t get away from it. For years I didn’t even watch television. Times have certainly changed so very much! Oh and remember when cable television NEVER had commercials? That was the whole mantra of drawing people in to use it back then. Look how far they have dragged that one down.

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