God’s Love

My husband and I met friends for lunch today. Both men rushed to pay the bill, but our friend spoke seconds sooner to the waitress, so she called it. We got treated again. The last time we met them for lunch, I asked the man, “Will you ever let us pick up the tab?”

He smiled and said, “No.”

My husband was asking me to hurry so we could beat them to the restaurant, but I was mopping the kitchen floor. I forgot that he intended to get there before them to alert the waitress that we would be buying. We got there before the intended time, but she had written the wrong time in her planner because they tend to run late. She forgot she put in the reservation as half an hour earlier, and they did run late, but they were seated a few minutes before we arrived.

Part of the pleasure of seeing our friends is that we have a lot in common. Yet, we’ve known them long enough to discuss things we don’t agree upon and listen to each other and think it through. If we still have differing opinions, we don’t care. It’s not going to rock our world.

The man began talking about the love of God. He had planted some rose bushes together at his home. One was dwindling to a small root and not much above it. His wife was ready to dig it up and throw it away. He wanted to give it another chance. So, he dug it up after he’d made a huge hole in the ground away from the other rose bushes. He placed rich soil in the hole first, added some peat moss, if I remember correctly, added the half dead plant into the ground, covered it gently and then fertilized it and watered it. It began to prosper, to quote the fellow. His wife said, “You should see those roses now. They put the other ones to shame. Of course, he’s out there babying it all the time. Aphids better not come near.”

“That’s right,” he said. “If aphids attack the other roses, I’ll say, oh, they’ll be okay. But let an aphid land on this plant, I’ll pick off the ones I can see and then I’m out there spraying the bush to kill the bugs.”

To my amazement, he said, “That rose bush withered and dying reminds me of me before I found Christ. I didn’t even know I was miserable and hungry for God before I found Him. Then He led me to Him, dusted me off and started prospering me. I’d never be where I am today if it weren’t for Christ. I’d be nothing without him.”

He said it so humbly and so sincerely, it brought a tear to my eye. This man is a business man. I’ve only known him as prosperous and caring. One time we were eating a meal in a nice restaurant and a young couple came in. They sat in the table next to ours and when they went to leave, none of their credit cards worked. When he became aware, he paid for their meal. After they left, he said whether they pulled a scam on him or not, it didn’t matter, because he paid for the meal with money that God allowed him to earn. He counts his possessions as belonging to God and on loan to him and his family. Obviously his wife agrees. They are wonderful partners.

My husband said, “God is jealous for us. I understand that because of being married. It’s a good jealous, wanting us for Himself and protecting us and keeping us on the narrow path away from the harm of the evil one.”

“That’s how God is with us. He watches over us. He’s there for us,” our friend said.

We all agreed with him because we’ve seen God care for us in many circumstances. We’re all getting older. We’ve lived through some difficult times and that is when we appreciate God the most, when we’re at the end of ourselves, we decided.

My husband’s mom’s favorite Scripture was Psalm 91, which is all about God watching over us and caring about us! I love that.

Whenever we see our friends, we talk of so many things – the state of the business world as he sees it – he travels extensively, the state of the Union – the United States of America, whatever insights he’s discovered in the Word lately. His wife blesses us big time, too, although she’s the quietest of the four of us. They care about God, they care about us, they care about others and they keep up with the times. It makes for fascinating discussions. Lord willing, we’ll see them again in the winter months.

It’s always iffy when the snow flies, but NYS is prepared for winter weather and we drive through most of it. The only time our counties close down for snow days is when the wind and snow are so bad it’s impossible to see, or if the snow has gotten so high quickly that cars and trucks get buried in it before the snow plows can clear the roads. That’s pretty rare.

May God bless you and keep you, no matter what is going on in your life.


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