Eastern Europe

Florian's Gate

Sunday and Monday I read Florian’s Gate by T. Davis Bunn, published by Bethany House Publishers in 1992 and copyrighted by T. Davis Bunn.

Davis Bunn writes Christian novels filled with intriguing plots and historical details that I learn a lot from and which get me thinking.

Poland, no longer a Communist country, grappled with the transition from a totalitarian state to a democratic state. I only remember a little about the Solidarity Movement being on the American news all those years ago.

This book is too complicated to summarize in a few sentences here, but it opened my eyes to the fact that many in this world have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ at all or not in a compelling way. Without the love of God shoring them up, they don’t value what God values and they don’t live according to His plan for their lives.

I’m not saying that non-believers don’t have good lives or live productively. I’m just saying that they aren’t asking God to direct their steps and therefore, they may have been created for an incredible existence and they got second best by charting their own course.

I’m totally biased, of course. My husband told the story of a man that read the Bible for three years and never understood it until he asked Jesus to be his Lord and Savior. Then the Bible made sense to this intelligent man because the Scriptures say that the Word can only be understood by the spirit and not through human reasoning. That’s in 1 Corinthians 2.

Well, I hope you are having a great day. May God bless!


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